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Affordably Priced Bedbug Treatments

Trust the Bedbug Experts at Boundary Exterminare Corp

We use an effective combination of chemicals, steam, and vacuum to exterminate the infestation and its offspring. We're dedicated to your satisfaction, so call now and see what we can do for you.

About Bedbugs

The adults are the size of an apple seed and are flat before feeding. Bedbugs usually feed while the host is asleep but they may feed in broad daylight if very hungry. Bedbugs feed by inserting a long, sharp proboscis into the victim's skin. Bedbugs consume only blood; their victims include mammals and birds.

Learn About Our Bedbug Treatment

  • Steam: 280°F to kill bugs in all stages
  • Vacuum: To pick up all dead bugs and eggs
  • Products: Eco-friendly
  • Follow up: To make sure everything is gone
  • 60-day GUARANTEE for peace of mind
Our treatment comes with a 60-day GUARANTEE from the initial treatment. If bedbugs come back within 60 days, we'll come back to perform the additional treatment at no cost.

Rely on Us for a Cost-Effective Bedbug Treatments

Boundary Exterminare Corp treats you like family; we go to the source of your problem and solve it in a smart, safe, and an efficient way.
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